Scouts BSA Troop 114

Bedford, Massachusetts

What We Do

Troop 114 is dedicated to developing youth leaders through the Patrol Method of Scouting. It is a fun community of youths and adult leaders, and we invite you to visit us to learn more. Troop meetings are held starting at 7pm on most Tuesday evenings during the school year at the Congregational Church located at 25 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730.  For more information, please see the Meetings link on the left.

The troop has an active schedule that consists of troop meetings, weekend trips, community service events, summer camp and a variety of other fun activities. To get a sense of all of our activities, please see the Calendar link on the left.

How We Succeed

Troop 114 is a youth-run organization. We give each scout the opportunity to directly control their own advancement, influence decisions about what we do and how we do it. Most scouts like to learn about things by actually doing them. Scouting builds on the love of the outdoors that is in most everyone and teaches the scouts how to survive under less than ideal conditions and to respect the land, water and air that surrounds us. This program lets the scouts explore, develop new interests, increase their knowledge and progress in rank and leadership at their own pace.

The Patrol Method

Each scout is a member of a patrol of 4–7 other scouts. Each patrol has a name and a Patrol Leader. Scouts work on advancement requirements, organize camping trips and have fun together as a patrol. The scouts also learn how to work as team under the direction of their Patrol Leader.

Troop Organization

The overall troop is made up of several patrols and has its own leadership structure. The troop leadership positions include Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Scribe, Quartermaster, Librarian, Historian and Scout Guide. The scouts in these positions collectively make up the Senior Patrol, which gives them the opportunity to learn a different level of organization and leadership.

Youth Leadership

The Senior Patrol and the Patrol Leaders collectively make up the Patrol Leaders Council, or PLC. The PLC is responsible for organizing troop meetings and trips. The adult leaders of the troop guide the scouts through the Scouting program and help them lead and organize themselves. 

Adult Involvement

The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are there to help with the actual scouting program, to teach scouting skills and to set a good example for the scouts to follow. There are also many opportunities for adults to support the troop behind the scenes in ways that don’t necessarily require camping and outdoor skills. Some of these adults serve on the Troop Committee in roles such as the Committee Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, Advancement Coordinator and Equipment Coordinator, and others help out by organizing  specific trips or activities. All of the adults involved in the troop are volunteers, so the assistance of as many adults as possible is always appreciated to make sure that the program runs smoothly and safely and the scouts have the most rewarding experience possible.