Troop 114 at Camp Wanocksett

Post date: Jul 8, 2013 7:04:49 PM

We had a very successful week at Camp Wanocksett. The troop earned the coveted Golden Broom, awarded daily for the tidiest campsite, not just once but twice, with the high honor of bringing it home at the end of the week. We also had the dubitable distinction of the Golden Band-Aid, awarded to the troop most frequently sighted at the health lodge (nothing big, but effects of the warm humid weather, skeeters, minor scrapes and a charlie horse kept the nurses occupied).

We practiced the patrol method by forming provisional patrols, which competed throughout the week for recognition beads.


    • Aidan D, patrol leader

    • Noah S, assistant patrol leader

    • Nick F

    • Allen K

    • Ben W


    • Danny M, patrol leader

    • Kevin M, assistant patrol leader

    • Josh A

    • Michael B

    • Neal F

Troop Leadership

    • Ben K, senior patrol leader

    • Jacob B, assistant senior patrol leader

By week's end the Ravens topped the Pumas in the patrol competition with a score of 20 to 16. The winning patrol got complimentary treats from the Trading Post.

We completed six Boards of Review at camp, with the following rank advancements.

  • Danny M, tenderfoot

  • Josh A, second class

  • Kevin M, second class

  • Allen K, second class

  • Jacob B, first class

  • Aidan D, first class

Finally, the troop gave recognition to:

  • Noah S, Honor Camper

  • Neal F, Scout Spirit

  • Josh A, Patrol Spirit

  • Noah S, Best Waiter

  • Danny M, Most Merit Badges

  • Neal F, Best Buddy

Thanks to all campers for helping to make summer camp a big success!

Dave Southard

Acting Scoutmaster