Personal Fitness Clinics

Post date: Jun 20, 2014 2:43:55 PM

As those of you who were at the court of honor this week know, I will be starting the Personal Fitness MB training program on WEDNESDAY, June 25th, at 6:30 PM. Please send me a reply if you are interested in taking this MB. This badge is an Eagle requirement, and you must execute a fitness program for 12 consecutive weeks. All are welcome, but choose wisely and based on your desire. In the past we have had a few scouts wait a year, and that is fine. As long as the scout has the desire he can succeed.

We will meet weekly on Tuesdays at the Bedford track near the snack shack (same day and time, except the FIRST week it is on WEDNESDAY) for 1 hour. We want to get the 12 weeks started before the boys head off to camp. It is understood that most boys will miss a few weeks here and there for camp and/or family vacations. In order to get the most out of the MB, please have them make an effort to attend when not out of town.

This is a link to the merit badge requirements: I will hand out workbooks on the first day.

In conjunction with the Personal Fitness Merit Badge, I will be helping the scouts that still need the fitness requirement (10a and 10b) for the rank of Tenderfoot. This includes most of the first-year scouts. The requirement calls for a 30 day training program to improve the boys fitness over that time. The program is low key with an emphasis on improvement. Last year we had all 11 boys achieve improvements.

The boys should have medical clearance from their physician before beginning any fitness program.

Tom Scanlon

Fitness Coordinator