Bedford Food Pantry Service Project

Post date: Sep 10, 2013 9:12:47 PM

Bedford Food Pantry is asking scouts to lend a hand and help shelve food donations. The pantry is located in the lower level of the rec dept building (yellow building behind the town hall). We've been helping director Peter Grey for many years and it's a great opportunity to really make a difference. This year we'll working on Thursdays after school at 2:30. It doesn’t take very long and it's a great way to earn community service hours. Shanie George will be the service project coordinator. There will be a log-in sheet at the pantry to receive credit for your service hours.

Guidelines for Boy Scout Troop 114 Parent Volunteers

  • Arrive at Town Center no later than 2:30 PM - if possible before the boys arrive.

  • Seek out the building custodian Rick (somewhere downstairs) or the building manager Fay Russo (on the second floor) for admittance to the pantry room.

  • Bring into the pantry all the donated items located in or on the collection bins in the hall outside the pantry.

  • Supervise the scouts and instruct them as to the location of the donated items. Please make sure that scouts place items with like items, with labels facing forward, and with care to stack according to size. (Placing large cans on top of small ones can lead to spills and big messes.)

  • Scouts should check expiration dates when possible. If there is no date, they should use their own judgment. Is the packaging clean and without tears or big dents? Does the product look like something you would want to serve to your family?

  • Items close to expiration should be placed in the green Rubbermaid box marked "Free Bin." Items out of date should be placed in the recycle bin with the trash.

  • Work until it is time to go. If items remain to be shelved at that time, leave them neatly contained in bags on the floor near the wall. If all items are shelved before it is time to go, ask scouts to clean up the shelves by neatening up the stacked items with labels facing front and rechecking expiration dates on questionable items.

  • Before leaving the pantry, empty the recycle bin into the dumpster, and return it to the pantry.

  • Turn out the lights, lock the door, and double check to be sure the door is closed tight and locked.